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Established in 1978, SSE is the most complete and technically competent UK based company operating in the field of electrostatic discharge (ESD).

SSE House

ESD, if not contained or controlled, is a major cause of disruption and damage to microelectronic components which may result in catastrophic failure of the devices and assemblies into which they are incorporated.

As the world of electronics becomes more and more aware of the problems created by electrostatic discharge, it is increasingly turning to Static Safe Environments to provide solutions to all its ESD challenges.

SSE offers everything to do with ESD:

  • Flooring supply and installations
  • Innovative work bench, seating and trolley systems
  • Container and packaging solutions
  • Essential equipment for use in an EPA
  • Footwear and garments
  • Test, monitoring and recording devices
  • Training, surveying and advisory services

SSE warehouse

This SSE website has a shop, a price list, thousands of ESD products, masses of ESD information but equally important, telephone numbers and email addresses where you can speak to an ESD expert or request a personal visit from an experienced SSE advisor.

SSE really is the first in ESD!

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