ESD Site Survey

Benefits of an ESD Site Survey carried out by Static Safe Environments

An ESD site survey is a popular service offered by SSE. If offers an expert, independent, formal review and assessment of the static control equipment and procedures in place, based on the requirements of BS EN 61340-5-1 ‘Protection of electronic devices from electrostatic phenomena’ (the standard).

The on-site survey could cover a single electrostatic protected area (EPA) or multiple areas where electrostatic discharge sensitive (ESDS) components are handled.

Every SSE ESD site survey will be different depending on the site being surveyed and the components being handled. An SSE ESD survey is not a template-based box ticking exercise followed up with a list of items to buy.

It could be an internal requirement for the survey due to known issues or perhaps looking to achieve best practice. Alternatively, it could be a customer led survey due to a major or new customer requiring an improvement in ESD control or at least documented and evidenced ESD control. Either way, SSE can help.

Please contact us for more information or a quotation for an ESD on-site survey.

How an SSE on-site survey can benefit you:

  • Independent, formal review of processes by experts in ESD control for over 40 years
  • Opportunity to identify weaknesses in the ESD control system which could lead to component damage
  • SSE has experience working with many companies in many sectors, including aerospace, defence, space, electronics, marine, oil and gas, automotive and more
  • Everything relating to ESD is considered; the floor, workstations, effectiveness of grounding, work wear, storage, packaging, how products are handled, the standard of EPA’s and employee awareness
  • Suitable for companies setting up an EPA with nothing in place, through to companies who have a fully operational EPA and wanting a review of processes
  • A detailed report at the end, including a conclusion and recommendations, that can be acted on, used as part of a capital expenditure request, or provided to a customer to demonstrate ESD controls in place
  • A survey can be used as a means of increasing ESD awareness and implementing new procedures

What an SSE on-site survey includes:

  • An initial discussion prior to arrival to site to understand the potential risks from ESD and procedures already in place
  • On arrival to site an initial discussion with the ESD Co-ordinator and any other relevant people to plan the survey day
  • A physical walkaround of the site where ESDS components are handled and transported. This is a good opportunity to ask questions or identify any areas of concern
  • Multiple ESD tests will be taken throughout the survey to establish if equipment complies with the standard
  • At the end of the survey day, an onsite discussion meeting will summarise the findings
  • A detailed report identifying compliance, opportunities for improvement, and any significant gaps and non-conformances in the static control system that need immediate action
  • Manufacturer’s specific products are not recommended and the report will be prepared in a form which allows the client to make an informed decision on the most cost-effective way to implement recommendations
  • Following on from the survey, SSE will support you to achieve your desired outcome from the survey