On-Site ESD Testing

Electrostatic Discharge Protected Areas

Benefits of ESD testing by SSE:

  • SSE has been providing expert independent on-site ESD testing and certification in the field of electrostatics for over 40 years
  • External ESD testing provides evidence of compliance for internal and external audits
  • SSE’s engineers are fully trained in relation to IEC 61340-5-1 and supporting test standards, including ESD floor testing, ESD bench testing, testing of ESD trolleys, ESD shelving, ESD chairs and anything else
  • SSE only uses calibrated test equipment, and has the correct equipment for all tests
  • Detailed individual resistance readings are provided, not just “pass” or “fail”
  • Certificate of Conformances are issued where applicable
  • Where identified, guidance and observations are made highlighting any obvious areas of risk or opportunities for improvement

Why is ESD testing important?

Regular on-site ESD testing of EPA’s (Electrostatic Protected Areas) to ensure their effectiveness is a requirement of IEC 61340-5-1.

In particular, ESD floors are referred to specifically. The User Guide developed to support IEC 61340-5-1, states; “Periodic testing of floor materials is necessary…” and goes on to say, “However, a common guide would be to conduct these measurements at least once every three months”.

Therefore, ESD testing is a key part of control and oversight, ensuring EPAs remain compliant and continue to protect sensitive components.

It is common for companies to perform regular in house testing throughout the year and use an external company to provide independent annual ESD testing for evidence of compliance. Some companies just use an external company for their ESD testing once a year or more frequently.

It is recommended that an annual external test be carried out additionally to any routine in-house assessments.

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