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Metallised Shielding ESD Bubble Wrap

Product code: 76009

HIGHSHIELD® Metallised Shielding ESD Bubble Wrap protects delicate components against physical damage, whilst protecting the component against damage from electrostatic discharge and electrostatic fields.

  • 3 layer cushion material anti-static bubble wrap
  • Outer layer – HIGHSHIELD® film, flat
  • Inner layer – PERMASTAT® film, flat
  • Heat sealable
  • Thickness 160 µm
  • Recyclable

100m x 1.2m roll – other sizes available – please contact our Sales Office for a quotation.

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Technical Specification

Typical point to point resistance: Rp-p = 109 Ω – 1010Ω

Electrostatic Sheilding: E< 5 n Joule