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Sievi Racer TR S2 ESD Safety Shoe

Product code: N/A

The Sievi Racer TR S2 ESD Safety Shoe combines comfort, style, and safety in the workplace.

TractionPro® sole offers the best friction properties on the market, designed to maximise grip on different surfaces.

FlexStep® interlayer ensures the sole remains flexible and comfortable all day.

Breathable materials, anatomic design to support the feet and the durable ActionPro dual-layer soles combine to make the Racer a contemporary looking and highly effective safety shoe. The FlexEnergy component also ensures maximum impact absorption.

This ESD safety shoe has been selected to comply with the requirements of the current standard BS 61340-5-1 and meets the recommendations for personnel grounding when used in conjunction with a suitable static dissipative floor.

Sievi product code: 44-52363-332-93M sizes 34-38, 44-52363-333-93M sizes 39-48

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Technical Specification

ESD control shoes are the optimum choice for personal grounding through a floor, with effective contact in all parts of the sole/heel area, providing a safe and controlled method of discharging body voltage.

Shoes not selected from our ‘Stock Range’ cannot be returned unless the shoes are proven to be faulty.