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NeoStat® VXT Dissipative Vinyl Tiles

A very tough and hardwearing floor tile, capable of withstanding loads of up to 120kg/cm2. The material exhibits excellent ESD characteristics and NeoStat® VXT vinyl tiles are ideal for a quick installation, especially in smaller areas or rooms of irregular shape where tiles may incur less wastage than sheet material.

VXT vinyl is well specified for the primary grounding of personnel and equipment, controlling body voltages to less than 40V.

Cut from solid blocks of dense homogeneous material, the VXT tiles have a network of tiny black veins running through their profile. These black veins form the conductor paths that allow safe electrostatic discharge through the whole thickness of the tile.

Apart from producing low body voltage levels when used in conjunction with an approved foot grounding method, VXT vinyl has some excellent properties and characteristics which make it suitable for use in the electronics industry. NeoStat® VXT Dissipative vinyl tiles are free from volatile antistatic chemicals, ensuring a permanent and consistent dissipative performance over its entire life.

  • Smooth, easy to clean, pore free surface
  • Resistance to strong acids and alkalis
  • Low maintenance costs
  • Invisible repairs to badly damaged surfaces
  • Resistance to heavy point loads

Typical applications in the electronics industry include:

  • R & D laboratories
  • Storage areas
  • Raised access areas
  • Production and assembly areas
  • Data centres
  • Repair workshops


An initial survey will be undertaken by SSE’s engineers to assess the site conditions and advise on any necessary preparatory work.

Once the surface has been prepared, VXT vinyl tiles are laid on conductive adhesive and a grid of copper earthing strips.

Finally, the floor is linked to an earth connection point which also serves as a floor test junction box.

Following an SSE floor installation, a Technical Manager will visit site, thoroughly test the floor to check its dissipative performance and issue a Certificate of Conformance to confirm it complies with the requirements of BS EN 61340.

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Technical Specification

For a very tough and hardwearing floor, capable of withstanding loads of up to 120kg/cm2, whilst still exhibiting excellent ESD characteristics, NeoStat® VX vinyl tiles offer many advantages over vinyl sheet.

VX vinyl is well specified for the primary grounding of personnel and equipment, controlling body voltages to less than 40V.