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WEZ Futura Flat Base Conductive Containers

Product code: 55160z

WEZ Futura Flat base conductive containers designed for both manual and mechanical handling of ESD sensitive items in sophisticated logistics environments.

The corner design offers maximum stability and torsion stiffness and the flat bottom ensures smooth transportation on conveyor rollers and belts. Slots on the upper rim are designed for mechanical lifting and moving. Integrated vertical label holders are included on all four sides.


WEZ Futura Flat Base Conductive Containers

Material: Conductive Carbon Black Polypropylene

Surface Resistance: < 10⁵ Ω

Volume Resistance: < 10⁴ Ω

Electrostatic Shielding: Max 6000 Volt
Static Decay Time: < 0.1 second

Temperature Capacity: Containers / carry cases: 80°C

Please note depending on load, product distortion may occur at 50°C


SSE code WEZ code External stacked sizes Overall height Internal sizes **
 All dimensions are in mm                                                                                                                          **Internal height is 5mm less than the overall height when boxes are stacked without lids.
 55160  4312.060.992  400 x 300 x 108  120  362 x 262 x 115
 55161  4317.060.992  400 x 300 x 163  175  362 x 262 x 170
 55162  6412.060.992  600 x 400 x 108  120  562 x 362 x 115
 55163  6417.060.992  600 x 400 x 163  175  562 x 362 x 170


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