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WEZ Container Box Lids

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Three types of lids are available: Loose fitting, hinged with two swing latches or with four swing latches.

The hinged lids can be fitted with A4 document holder to the underside.

Spare hinges, pairs of swing latches and lid seals are available – contact us for prices.

Lids can be printed with your company logo and/or product identification information. Please ask for details.

WEZ Container Box Lids

Material: Conductive Carbon Black Polypropylene

Surface Resistance: < 10⁵ Ω

Volume Resistance: < 10⁴ Ω

Electrostatic Shielding: Max 6000 Volt
Static Decay Time: < 0.1 second

Temperature Capacity: Containers / carry cases: 80°C

Please note depending on load, product distortion may occur at 50°C

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