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Wez Rack 100 PCB Holder System

Product code: 60024

Wez Rack 100 is a system of rigid, single-sided slotted partitions or ‘walls’, injection moulded from conductive polypropylene, which clamp to aluminium rails to provide adjustable storage locations for small and narrow PCBs .

Each partition is 355mm long x 80mm wide x 22mm thick and has 30 slots. Wez Rack 100 partitions are supplied and priced in pairs.

Slot Pitch: 10mm

Slot Width: 3.5mm

Slot Depth: 2.5mm.

The system is designed to fit in WEZ containers 400mm x 300mm and 600mm x 400mm with the partitions fitted in the 400mm dimension.

Wez Rack 100 partitions are used with aluminium rails in the following lengths:

256mm – Product code: 60026 (for use in 400mm x 300mm containers)

556mm – Product code: 60028 (for use in 600mm x 400mm containers)

Wez Rack 100 with 20 slots is also available in minimum order quantities – please contact the sales office for details.

  • The main photo shows Wez Rack 100 partitions and a pair of 556mm long rails fitted in a 600 x 400mm Wez container



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