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Wez Rack 100 PCB Holder System with 30 Slots

Product code: 60024

Wez Rack 100 PCB holder system, ideal for storing small and narrow PCBs.

The Wez Rack 100 system comprises two non-flexing, single-sided slotted, conductive partitions. Each partition is 355mm long x 100mm wide x 22mm thick and has 30 slots. The partitions are held in position in by aluminum guidance rails which allow for simple and quick adjustment to accommodate different sizes of PCB. Partitions are supplied in pairs.

Slot Pitch: 10mm

Slot Width: 3.5mm

Slot Depth: 2.5mm.

The system is designed to fit in WEZ containers 400mm x 300mm and 600mm x 400mm with the partitions fitted in the 400mm dimension.

Wez Rack 100 partitions are used with aluminium rails in the following lengths:

256mm – Product code: 60026 (for use in 400mm x 300mm containers)

556mm – Product code: 60028 (for use in 600mm x 400mm containers)

Wez Rack 100 with 20 slots is also available providing further options – please contact the sales office for details.

The photos show Wez Rack 100 components (20 slot and 30 slot partitions and pre-cut rails) and a 600 x 400mm Wez container with a pair of 30 slot partitions and a pair of 556mm long rails



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