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WEZ Small Container Box with Hinged Lid

Conductive Wez small container box with hinged lids.

Can be supplied with foam inserts – please contact our Sales Office for details.

WEZ Small Container Boxes with Hinged Lid

Material: Conductive Carbon Black Polypropylene

Surface Resistance: < 10⁵ Ω

Volume Resistance: < 10⁴ Ω

Electrostatic Shielding: Max 6000 Volt
Static Decay Time: < 0.1 second

Temperature Capacity: Containers / carry cases: 80°C

Please note depending on load, product distortion may occur at 50°C

Product code: Size PriceQuantity
55082 136mm x 87mm x 19mm £3.30
55083 136mm x 87mm x 35mm £3.65
55084 136mm x 87mm x 55mm £4.15
55085 180mm x 140mm x 80mm £4.95
55086 225mm x 125mm x 60mm £6.00