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Wez Logiline Ribbed Base Containers

Product code: 55150z

Wez Logiline Ribbed Based Containers are designed for intensive use, made from extremely tough polypropylene plastic for durability and longevity in use.

The ribbed base of Logiline containers is ideal for smooth transport on roller conveyors (please note they are not suitable for use on ball tables).

  • Colour: Grey
  • Reusable for long-term use
  • Extremely tough polypropylene plastic
  • Resistant to chemicals and acids
  • Heat resistant up to 130° celsius
  • Washable and hygienic
  • Maximum stacking load of 800 kg

These containers are insulative (therefore not conductive or dissipative) and should not be used in an Electrostatic Protected Area (EPA) or for storing exposed ESD sensitive components. For the conductive range of Wez containers for use in an EPA, please click here.

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Available Options:

Technical Specification

400x300x44mm = Internal: 354x254x41mm / Stacking height: 44mm / Overall height: 54mm
600x400x88mm = Internal: 560x360x85mm / Stacking height: 88mm / Overall height: 100mm
600x400x133mm = Internal: 560x360x129mm / Stacking height: 133mm / Overall height: 145mm
600x400x200mm = Internal: 560x360x196mm / Stacking height: 200mm / Overall height: 221mm
600x400x266mm = Internal: 560x360x262mm / Stacking height: 266mm / Overall height: 278mm
600x400x400mm = Internal: 560x360x396mm / Stacking height: 400mm / Overall height: 412mm