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ESD Moisture Barrier Bags – Pack of 100

Product code: 75038z

Moisture Barrier Bags are manufactured out of a laminated film which features static dissipative surfaces.

The configuration is similar to the buried metal shielding material, but with a metal layer being placed between two layers of dissipative film.

The metal layer is approximately ten times thicker than that of traditional static shielding material and provides the EMI attenuation and water-vapour-barrier properties.

The metal layer within the Moisture Barrier Bag is vacuum deposited rather than being a foil layer.

This difference allows the bag to be much softer and flexible, therefore the metal portion of the bag is less likely to tear or rip providing a more reliable barrier against moisture and static electricity.

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Available Options:

Technical Specification

Heat sealable in a large variety of sizes Supplied in packs of 100

Electrical Properties:

Resistance of polyester outer layer <1011 ohms IEC 61340-2-3

Resistance of polyethylene inner layer < 1011 ohms IEC-61340-2-3