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Buried Metal Static Shielding Bags, Resealable – Pack of 100

Product code: 75019z

Buried Metal Static Shielding Bags, transparent metallised anti static shielding bags provide excellent protection for static sensitive PCB’s or devices and contents can be identified without opening.

Utilising metallised shielding bags means contents are protected against ESD outside protected areas. Bags are manufactured from tough polyester film with a conductive metallised middle layer and a low charging polyethylene inner layer.

All bags are printed with a standard warning symbol and warning caption, together with traceable manufacturing batch code.

Wide high strength heat-sealed side seams maintain bag integrity.

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Available Options:

Technical Specification

Available in plain opening and resealable versions in a large variety of sizes

Supplied in packs of 100

Electrical Properties

Surface Resistance Test Procedures

Outer Surface <1011 ohms IEC 61340-2-3
Inner Surface < 1011 ohms IEC-61340-2-3

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