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ESD Bins – Conductive Fibreboard ESD Waste Bins

Product code: 45004z

Sturdy, conductive ESD waste bins designed especially for use in an EPA.
Manufactured from conductive fibreboard with a metal hoop rim for strength and reinforced corners and metal stud feet at the base.
Available in three different sizes and marked with an ESD warning symbol.

Resistance to a groundable point Rgp: Typical values: 104 – 105 Ω

Complies with British Standard: BS EN 61340-5-1:2016 and is suitable for use in EPAs

(Dimensions shown are width x depth x height of bin)

  • Recommended bin liner for use with 45006 is 47044 (30 litre blue).
  • Recommended bin liners for use with 45005  are 47042 or 47043 (50 litre blue or 50 litre red respectively).
  • Recommended bin liners for use with 45004  are 47039 or 47041 (110 litre blue or 110 litre red respectively).


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