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ESD Floor Earth Bonding and Test Point Box

Product code: 36014

ESD Floor Earth Bonding and Test Point Box

Static dissipative and conductive flooring materials are typically laid on a grid of copper strip. The strip is terminated in the ESD floor earth bonding box which is then connected to earth, providing a permanent connection to earth and a test point for floor resistance to ground tests.

Eliminates the risk of accidental disconnection of the ESD floor compared to a lead to press stud and plug grounding method.

Comprises a powder coated steel back box and front plate with low profile 4mm banana plug connection. Includes a high visibility label on the front plate.

Easy termination to the copper grid by an internal crocodile clip and to the mains earth by a single screw terminal (it is recommended the connection to earth is done by an electrician).

Conforms to BS EN 61340-5-1 in respect to grounding an ESD floor.

Made in the UK.

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