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ESD Bench Matting Rolls – NeoStat® C2 (anti static)

Product code: 32013z

Anti Static Mat – NeoStat® C2 Full Rolls

Premium quality, static dissipative ESD Bench mat material for covering work bench surfaces in EPAs.

NeoStat® C2 ESD Bench Matting is an exceptionally tough, two layer static dissipative rubber material, 2mm thick, which is easy to maintain and has a long life.

Textured top layer with excellent heat and solder resistant properties and conductive backing.

Available in blue or grey on 10m long rolls either 1000mm or 1200mm wide

Typical resistance to ground Rgp: 106Ω – 108Ω

Designed for general purpose applications – either loose laid or adhered to work surfaces.

Click here  for cleaner recommended for NeoStat ESD bench matting

Pre-cut mats also available – click here for details


NeoStat C2 Bench Matting

Dissipative top-layer 108

Conductive bottom-layer 106

Typical resistance to ground 106 – 108

Main characteristics:

  • Reflection breaking surface to reduce glare and improve operator comfort.
  • Protection against small collisions thanks to natural resilience of rubber.
  • Prevention of sliding of delicate components thanks to the excellent friction co-efficient of the material, which is increased by the embossed surface.
  • Heating resistance: rubber does not melt and does not burn coming into contact with hot metal parts or soldering debris.
  • Chemical resistance: please ask for detailed data sheet.
  • Oil resistance: this product resists to most oils.
  • Suitable to loose laying: this product does not require application with adhesive.
  • Good resistance to scratches.
  • Excellent flexibility and comfort.

Size and colours:

  • Rolls 1.22m x 10m – 2 mm thickness (double layer); other sizes upon request.
  • Available in light grey, light blue.

Physical and Mechanical Characteristics – Dissipative coloured top layer:

  • Hardness (ISO 7619): 75 . 5 shore A.
  • Abrasion resistance (ISO 4649, method A): ≤ 200 mm3.
  • Indentation (EN 433): ≤ 0.20 mm.
  • Chemical resistance (EN 423): resistant to chemical agents normally used for maintenance.
  • Dimensional Stability (EN 434 – 6h/80°C): ≤ 0.4 %

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