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Kitehawke ESD Bench Accessories

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The Kitehawke bench system has a range of accessories that can be added to the basic bench module to aid the tasks and operations being carried out by the user.

This list of accessories is not exhaustive and, for more specific requirements, accessories can be modified, designed or sourced to suit.

  1. Overhead LED lighting

    Pre-wired LED lighting units fitted on an overhanging light support beam to provide the optimum spread of light over the working surface. Under shelf LED lighting can also be provided.

  2. Upper shelves

    A 300m deep storage level with a work surface matching the bench top. The shelves can be adjusted to a height to suit and can also be earthed if required.

  3. Louvred panel

    Conductive louvred panels for the storage of picking/part bins. Supplied in 450mm square panels. Tool storage panels can also be supplied.

  4. Magnetic Notice board

    Manufactured from 450mm square magnetic stainless steel sheet, designed to complement the louvred panels.

  5. Monitor Arms

    These can be permanently fixed to the bench top, clamped through a cable port or mounted on the bench framework.

  6. Power distribution units

    Pre-wired with 6, 8, or 10 switched sockets and supplied with a 3m power lead as standard. Options with RCD available.

  7. Cable ports

    To help with cable management, 80mm diameter ports can supplied in any position on the work surface as well as on the shelves.

  8. Lower shelves

    A storage level with a work surface matching the bench top. The shelf depth can be adapted to suit and the shelves can also be earthed if required.

  9. Under bench storage

    Lockable single and two drawer units with a light grey powder coated finish are available as standard. PC cradles can also be supplied.

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