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Continuous ESD Wrist Strap and Mat Monitor

Product code: 81010

Continuous ESD wrist strap and mat monitor.

This unit continuously monitors the integrity of an operator’s wrist strap and lead as well as the grounding of the dissipative bench mat at an ESD workstation. An audible alarm sounds instantaneously if the connection to ground of either the operator or the bench mat is lost, eliminating the need for periodic testing and recording.

The unit incorporates a wrist strap ‘park’ stud for when the operator is away from the bench and a simple body mass adjustment feature for individual users if necessary. It can also be easily adapted to monitor the wrist strap system only if required.

Supplied with mains adaptor, connecting leads and instructions for use.

The unit will alarm if:

  • The ground lead is disconnected
  • The bench mat lead is disconnected
  • The wrist strap system is not connected
  • The operator is not wearing a connected wrist strap
  • The wrist strap lead is not ‘parked’ when the operator is not present
  • The wrist strap system is faulty


Operating voltage  12v

Size: 124mm x 50mm x 25mm

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