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FumeCube Double Arm Kit 350mm x 308mm x 283mm

Product code: 46002

FumeCube Double Arm Kit 350mm x 308mm x 283mm

Fume Purification The Purex Portable fume purification units provide low cost protection from noxious fumes at individual work stations.

FumeCube Portable Extraction A compact and efficient unit for use where flexibility is required. Provides sub-micron particle and gas filtration, with a large HEPA main filter. Features include: – very quiet operation (Whisper Stream) – electronic flow control – visual warning indicators (VariColour)- variable speed settings – stainless steel housing – dual arm

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Technical Specification

Power Supply: 230V at 0.14kW 50/60Hz

Sound Level: 60dBA

FlowRate: 200m3 per hour

Dimensions (mm): 350mm high x 308mm wide x 283mm deep

Weight: 2.5kg

Dual Arm Kit FumeCube Main filter + pre-filter pad 2 51mm x 2m flexible hoses 4 connecting cuffs 2 Clamp brackets 2 38mm stainless steel flexible arm 2 38mm pen nib nozzle