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Wolfgang Warmbier Metriso® B530 Resistance Meter

Product code: N/A

The Wolfgang Warmbier Metriso® B530 is a digital high resistance meter for measuring point-to-point resistance and resistance to ground of persons, shoes, mats and floor systems in an ESD protected area.

The Metriso® B530 meter can be purchased either as a single item or as part of a complete kit containing all the necessary accessories required for carrying out testing in an EPA.

Test voltage: DC 10 volts, 100 volts and 500 volts
Test range: 103 Ω to 199 GΩ
Operation: Battery operated (batteries included)
Complies with IEC 61340-4-1, IEC 61340-2-3, IEC 61340-4-5, IEC 61340-4-9

A detailed specification and operating instructions for the Metriso® B530 are shown in Product Information

Metriso® B530 meter product code 83060, supplied with:

  • Operating instructions
  • Calibration certificate

Metriso® B530 Test Kit product code 83061 containing:

  • Metriso® B530 meter
  • Operating instructions
  • Calibration certificate
  • Two 2.27 kg /63.5 mm diameter Model 870 non-marking probes with connecting leads
  • One extension handle for Model 870 probe
  • One hand-held Model 45 probe with connecting lead
  • Wez conductive carrying case fitted with machined dissipative pink foam insert

Items in the test kit can be purchased individually – see below for details and prices
Model 850 probes with dissipative black plastic covers are also available – contact us for details

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    Metriso® B530 Resistance Meter

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