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Wolfgang Warmbier ESD Walk Test Kit

Product code: 83036

The Wolfgang Warmbier ESD Walk Test Kit measures how effectively an ESD floor in combination with ESD footwear removes charge from an operator walking across the floor. The ESD Walk Test Kit is used to measure the maximum body voltage generated on the operator’s body during the walk test, as well the live static voltage generated.

The Walk Test Kit inlcudes:

  • EFM®51 Electrostatic Field Meter – 9v battery operated (supplied)
  • Conductive base
  • Measuring head
  • Hand electrode with test lead
  • Foam-lined conductive carry case
  • Operating instructions and calibration certificate

(The components of the Wolfgang Warmbier ESD walking test kit can also be purchased individually, typically where the customer already possesses the Electrostatic Field Meter 83016 – please ask for details).

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