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ESD Test Probes (Pair)

Product code: 83100

ESD Test Probes (Pair)

2.4 KG ESD test probes designed and made by SSE to specifically meet the requirements of IEC 61340-5-1 and IEC TS 61340‑5‑4: Protection of electronic devices from electrostatic phenomena — Compliance verification.

Also referred to as ESD measuring electrodes.

Used in conjunction with a resistance meter for testing point to point resistance (the resistance between 2 electrodes on an ESD dissipative or conductive surface to establish resistance of the surface) and resistance to ground (the electrical resistance from a surface such as an ESD floor or bench to the ESD ground).

  • Conforms to the specifications in 61340-5-4
  • Stainless steel cylindrical electrode body
  • 67mm wide x 3mm thick conductive carbon filled silicon rubber contact pad
  • Resistance through the probe less than 1kΩ (1,000 ohms)
  • Insulative screw in handle
  • 2 x 4mm banana sockets for connecting test leads
  • Handle Extension (83101) and carry case (83102) accessories available

Dimensions: 69mm wide x 115mm high including the handle (80mm high excluding the handle)
Weight (each): 2.4kg

REACH & RoHS Compliant

Made in the UK

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