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ESD Surface Resistivity Meter

Product code: 83020

A simple to use, ESD surface resistivity meter which indicates resistance to half a decade using 10/100 Volt test voltages to ensure more accurate readings.

The meter gives an LED indication of readings from conductive to static dissipative to insulative.

Supplied with test leads, 9V battery and carrying case.

Surface Resistivity Meter – 83020


Dimensions: – approx. 70mm x 130mm x 35mm

Weight: – approx. 105 grams

Power :- Battery operated PP3 9 volt

Connections :- 2 x 3.5mm jack plug for earth connection

Test Range :- 10³ to 1012+

Accuracy :- +/- 0.5 Decade in Conductive Range

Method of operation :- Push button

LED indicators : –

10³ to 10⁵ = Green (conductive)

3 x 10⁵ to 10⁹ = Yellow (Dissipative)

3 x 10⁹ to 1010 = Orange (Dissipative)

1011 to 1012+ = Red (Insulative).


This surface resistivity meter has been designed for the purpose of testing surfaces in an EPA and, by connecting the two leads from the two 3.5mm connection points to two test probes (not supplied), can be used to measure point to point resistance.


The information contained within this information sheet is for guidance only.

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