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EFM®51 Electrostatic Field Meter

Product code: 83016

The EFM®51 Electrostatic Field Meter is an easy to use, high quality, hand held, non-contacting meter digital electrostatic field meter from Wolfgang Warmbier.

The meter detects and measures electrostatic fields using a rotating chopper test method, also know as a “field mill”.

The rotating chopper works on the basis of the rotating mechanical shield interrupting the electrostatic field to the sensor. This makes the EFM®51 Electrostatic Field Meter more accurate as it suffers less from drift than simple metal plate field meters, and is also self-zeroing.

  • Detects and accurately measures electrostatic fields and surface potentials
  • Measures: fields, potentials and discharge time
  • Automatic field to voltage conversion (V/m to V) according to the selected distance
  • Very stable zero adjust
  • Battery operated and has an LCD display

Test range: 0V – ± 160kV distance mode

0V – 800kV/m field strength mode

The EFM®51 Electrostatic Field Meter is supplied in a carrying case including a grounding lead, 9v battery, instruction manual and calibration certificate.

Also available as part of a Walk Test Kit.

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