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Test Probe Handle Extension

Product code: 83101

Test Probe Handle Extension comprises a 3-part screw together solid stainless steel test probe handle extension for use with SSE’s ESD Test Probes.

To fit, simply screw the pieces together, remove the handle from one of the probes, screw in the extension and then screw the handle into the top of the extension.

Provides a convenient means of performing multiple tests on an ESD floor, reducing the need to keep bending down to pick up the test probe therefore speeding up the testing and reducing the risk of back strain.

Combined weight with ESD Test Probes of 2.75 KG which conforms to EN 61340-2-3.

Compatible only with product code 83100 – ESD Test Probes
83101 is only available to customers buying 83100 ESD Test Probes, or who have bought them previously.

ESD test probe in image for representation only and sold separately

Supplied individually
Dimensions: 715mm long including probe and handle (635mm long excluding the probe)
Weight: 0.35kg (2.75kg combined with ESD test probe)

Made in the UK

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