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Hand Held Ionised Air Gun

Product code: 84025

A compact and light, hand held ionised air gun, designed for targeted elimination of electrostatic charges and/or removal of contamination such as dust and debris from small, defined areas.

The gun is simple and safe to use. It is equipped with an ionisation indicator light and high voltage abnormality alarm indicator light and the flow of ionised air is released by a trigger on the hand-held gun. The compressed air volume is adjusted on the controller.

It features a built in piezoelectric high voltage supply and has an auto ion balance system.

Full technical specification in Product Information.

Hand Held Ionised Air Gun – Product code: 84025

Technical Specification

Controller dimension: 120mm x 92mm x 71mm

Weight: 106g

Power Supply Voltage: DC24V

Capacity: 12VA

HV output: AC2200V

Safety performance: Equipped with ion output monitoring system

Decay time: ca. 0.3 sec

Ion Balance: Auto ion balance, 0±10V

Operating air pressure: 0.1 – 0.6 MPa

Ozone density: Less than 0.01ppm

Allowable temperature: 5 – 40°C

Air input: Compressed air

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