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Overhead Three Fan Ioniser

Product code: 84003

A quiet, high performance three fan overhead ioniser which neutralises electrostatic charges on insulators and un-grounded conductors. Each fan operates independently with individual control and circuitry.

Simple operation with variable air volume and auto ion balance (0±5V) with built in out-of-balance alarm indicators. The clip-on fan covers allow for easy cleaning and maintenance

The ioniser is 1000mm long x 145mm wide x 65mm deep and is supplied with hooks for suspending above the workstation either from bench framework or the ceiling.

Supplied with a mains power lead, ready for immediate use. A full instruction manual is supplied with the ioniser.

Full technical specification in Product Information.

Overhead Three Fan Ioniser – Product Code 84003

Technical Specification

1000mm long x 145mm wide x 65mm deep

Weight: 5kg

Power Supply: AC100 – 240V 50/60 Hz

Capacity: 36VA

HV output: AC2200V

Safety: Equipped with ion output monitoring system

Ion Balance: Auto ion balance, 0±5V

Air volume: 3.9 – 9.76 m3/min

Ozone density: Less than 0.007ppm

Allowable temperature: 0 – 40°C

Allowable humidity 25 – 70% RH (no drops)

CE Approved

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