Personnel Grounding Tester for EPAs, Big and Small…

PGT120.COM personnel grounding tester

At Static Safe Environments, we are pleased to announce that we now sell the Wolfgang Warmbier PGT120 and PGT120.COM range of personnel grounding testers.

The PGT120 tester range is manufactured by Wolfgang Warmbier GmbH & Co. KG, Germany’s leading supplier of ESD control products and is sold worldwide to companies requiring a high quality, reliable personnel and grounding test system, backed by first-class service and ESD expertise.

In its simplest form, the PGT120 model accurately tests footwear and wrist straps with audible and visual signals indicating test results. A successful test result activates a relay contact, which can be used to permit access through a door or turnstile.

The PGT120.COM model outputs the data from the user’s wrist strap and footwear test, and this data can be used in conjunction with differing types of identification reader, logging the results through a data terminal and user-friendly PGT120 software.

Click here for details and prices of the PGT120.COM or contact us on 01384 898599 or at Alternatively, you are more than welcome to visit our ESD showroom to try out the PGT120.COM  and to confirm that your company ID cards or fobs currently in use are compatible.