Rubber plants and ESD surveys…

Could you get an electric shock from a rubber plant? The answer is… yes and no.

Given the right conditions yes, you could get a ‘bolt’ if you walked past a rubber plant but, strictly speaking, the charge for the electric shock would be generated by you and not by the rubber plant.

This is exactly the scenario one of our engineers found recently when he was called to a site where staff members were experiencing electric shock problems. It took some, testing, demonstrating and convincing, but our engineer was able to explain why they were getting shocks, including ‘from’ the rubber plant.

In truth, the vast majority of the ESD surveys we carry out are in electronics companies where we are concerned with far smaller Electrostatic Discharge (ESD) events. SSE has been carrying out these surveys on behalf of electronics companies for many years.

What’s the difference between getting a quote and having an ESD Survey?

In SSE’s case, a big difference.

Of course we will always visit existing and new customers and spend as long as is necessary to discuss ESD requirements, offer advice and provide quotations where appropriate – free of charge, naturally.

However….this is not what SSE calls an ESD survey!

An ESD Survey carried out by Static Safe Environments provides customers with a professional, impartial written report with observations, readings and recommendations that can used for any number of reasons from raising ESD awareness within a company to satisfying external ESD audits by customers.

If you would like us to carry out a genuine ESD survey, find out what it costs or have sight of an actual, recently completed SSE Survey report,  contact us for details on 01384 898599 or at