Training with the Best in the Business

Static Safe Environments recently announced that it had gone into partnership with Dr Jeremy Smallwood to provide the very best ESD training in the UK.

 So just who is Jeremy Smallwood?

After spending seven years as an electronics designer Jeremy completed a PhD (Doctor of Philosophy to the uninitiated) at the prestigious University of Southampton which is ranked among the top 1% of universities worldwide.

Jeremy’s PhD research was into electrostatic discharge (ESD) ignition of pyrotechnic materials.

After having completed his academic research at Southampton Jeremy took a position with ERA Technology Ltd where he concentrated on electrostatics, R&D projects and consultancy.

In 1998, Jeremy established his own business specialising in electrostatic discharge including training, consultancy, testing and research and development.

Jeremy has produced over 40 scientific publications around the subject of ESD and is frequently asked to speak at international conferences and workshops.

As Chairman of the International Electrotechnical Commission (Technical Committee 101 – Electrostatics) between 2000 and 2012, Jeremy oversaw and was one of the writing team of BS EN 61340-5-1, the European ESD Standard.

Jeremy’s involvement with Standards relating to electrostatic sensitive devices is unparalleled in the United Kingdom and he is an active member on British Standards panels.

In addition to his involvement with British Standards, Jeremy represents the UK as principle expert at IEC Standards meetings.

In October 2010 Jeremy was awarded the ESD Association’s ‘Industry Pioneer Recognition Award’.

The ESDA, which is based in New York, is the world’s largest and most influential technical organisation dealing with electrostatic discharge; it has branches in six continents.

Jeremy’s recognition by the ESDA was not just significant, it was mightily significant and that is why Dr Jeremy Smallwood is regarded as the UK’s, ‘best in the business’.